From fast food to fast riffs

Chef Dan and the Appetizers

Band History

Founded in October 2007, the Eddie V Band has spent ten years rocking out some amazing music for charities and nonprofit organizations. Though the band is based in Chicago, Illinois, they’ve played all over the US: Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Boca Raton, Denver, and Orlando, just to name a few.

The Eddie V Band began as Chef Dan and the Appetizers, a 3-person band founded by McDonald’s executive chef Dan Coudereaut. They got their start playing Neil Young’s “Long May You Run” at a McDonald’s talent show. While they were originally a McDonald’s employee band playing exclusively for McDonald’s, Chef Dan and the Appetizers eventually started playing for charity events in and around Chicago.

The band started adding members in April 2008 and gradually expanded from three people to twelve by 2011. In fact, backup singer Paula Marshall joined the band during their Washington, D.C. gig by jumping up on the stage and declaring, “I’m joining this band.” Current lead vocalist Eddie Volkman, a longtime fixture in the Chicago radio scene, joined the band in 2009.

In 2017, Chef Dan and the Appetizers officially changed their name to the Eddie V Band. Their goal is to make sure charities can have some fantastic music at a reduced rate, and look forward to giving back to their communities with every gig.

About the Band

Eddie V Band

Throughout the years, the Eddie V Band had around 30-40 people total perform with the band. Their youngest member was a 12-year-old girl who was a heart patient at Loyola University. She played with them at a Ronald McDonald House event, and has since gone on to sing the National Anthem for the Cubs, Socks, Bulls, and Black Hawks!

Since their inception, the band has played for a number of companies and charitable organizations, including McDonalds Women’s Operator Network, Loyola Children’s Hospital, Children’s Heart Foundation, McHenry County Adult Program (a private foundation for young adults with special needs), Lake County Haven, Fallen Police Officers Fund, Ronald McDonald House, and Bama Circle of Excellence.

The band likes to cover songs that people recognize – familiar favorites that are fun to dance to. You can recognize their songs within the first 10 seconds.

Past Gigs

  • McDonalds Women’s Operator Network
  • Con Agra
  • McDonald’s Worldwide Convention
  • Octoberfest Kickoff
  • Loyola Children’s Hospital
  • Children’s Heart Foundation
  • McHenry County Adult Program
  • Lake County Haven
  • Fallen Police Officers
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Bama Circle of Excellence
  • Cancer Runs
  • Pink Month
  • Opening of Lower East Children’s Hospital